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Guidelines for Posting Jobs on PyjamaHR
Guidelines for Posting Jobs on PyjamaHR
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At PyjamaHR, we prioritize a safe and equitable job-searching environment. Our platform has robust mechanisms to prevent and address any discriminatory, spam, or fraudulent content in job postings. This article outlines the guidelines to help you create job listings that meet our standards and avoid penalties.

Discriminatory Content

PyjamaHR does not permit job postings containing discriminatory language or requirements based on:



Marital status



Sexual orientation


Any other protected characteristic

The system automatically detects and blocks job titles, descriptions, or screening questions that include discriminatory terms. For example, a job title like "Sales Executive - Female" will be flagged, preventing the job from being posted.

Note: If a discriminatory job posting bypasses our checks, it could be flagged by our integrated job boards (like LinkedIn), leading to the blacklisting of your company and a potential block of your PyjamaHR account.

Job Description Requirements

To ensure a comprehensive description, job postings must meet the following criteria:

Minimum of 100 words and 200 characters (excluding spaces).

Accurate information about the role, responsibilities, qualifications, and other essential job details.

If the description does not meet these criteria, the system will prevent job creation until corrected.

Spam and Fraud Prevention

PyjamaHR takes a firm stance against spam and fraud. The following activities are prohibited and can lead to account suspension or legal action:

Requiring payment from candidates for any aspect of the application process.

Including external links in the job description and directing candidates to apply through them.

Misleading information that could confuse or deceive applicants.

The system automatically detects spam and fraudulent activities. If detected, PyjamaHR can block your account and investigate further. Legal consequences may follow if fraud is confirmed.

Reporting Violations

Candidates can report suspicious or discriminatory job postings to PyjamaHR. If such a report is received, we will investigate thoroughly. Depending on the outcome, this could result in:

Blocking the user's account.

Blacklisting the user's company.

Legal action against the user or their company.

Creating Compliant Job Postings

To ensure your job postings comply with PyjamaHR's guidelines:

Avoid discriminatory language or requirements.

Ensure the job description is at least 100 words and 200 characters long.

Do not ask for payment from candidates at any stage.

Do not include external links or misleading information.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to a safe and fair environment for all job seekers. If you have questions or need assistance, contact our support team for help.

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