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Understanding Job Publishing errors on LinkedIn via PyjamaHR
Understanding Job Publishing errors on LinkedIn via PyjamaHR
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If you're encountering an error while trying to publish a job on LinkedIn through PyjamaHR, don't worry. This guide explains the common error messages you might see, why they occur, and what steps you can take. Our aim is to make your job posting experience as smooth as possible.

1. Restrictions on Your Page Error

Error Message: Unable to publish the job due to restrictions on your page. The LinkedIn team will review and activate it.

Why It Happens: This error pops up if your company's LinkedIn page has restrictions that prevent jobs from being published through external software, like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or other job publishing tools. Restrictions could be due to your LinkedIn page being new or other reasons that LinkedIn typically keeps private.

What to Do: Sit tight! You don't need to do anything. PyjamaHR will automatically contact the LinkedIn team to request activation of your job post. Your job will be published as soon as LinkedIn gives the green light.

2. Duplicate Job Posting Error

Error Message: Unable to publish the job since a similar one is already published on LinkedIn.

Why It Happens: LinkedIn flags and blocks job posts with identical titles and descriptions to prevent duplicate listings. This could occur if the same or another user from your company has already published a similar job on LinkedIn, directly or through a different ATS.

What to Do: You can either close the job and publish a new one with a different title and a slightly modified description or edit the existing job and republish it. We suggest creating a new job if the current one doesn't have any applicant profiles.

3. Account Under Review Error

Error Message: The account is currently under review, and the job will be published within the next 12 hours.

Why It Happens: New PyjamaHR customers might see this message the first time they publish a job. LinkedIn reviews the first job posting to ensure integration compliance, which can take 12 to 24 hours.

What to Do: No action is needed from your side. The job will be automatically published after the review, unless it encounters another error during this process.

4. Job Description Length Error

Error Message: Unable to publish the job. The job description must contain at least 100 characters.

Why It Happens: LinkedIn requires a minimum of 100 characters in the job description to ensure quality listings. Posts below this limit are rejected.

What to Do: Make sure your job description is well-written and meets the character requirement. Avoid using repetitive characters to reach the limit, as LinkedIn or our AI reviewer may mark it as spam, risking account termination.

5. Poor Quality Job Description Error

Error Message: This job has been flagged by LinkedIn due to the poor quality of the job description.

Why It Happens: Your job post is permanently blocked by LinkedIn due to a low-quality job description, which could be deemed suspicious or fraudulent.

What to Do: Unfortunately, jobs flagged for this reason cannot be republished. You'll need to close the current job opening and create a new one with an improved description. Be aware, if multiple jobs are flagged for poor quality, your LinkedIn account and access to PyjamaHR could be permanently terminated.

We understand that encountering these errors can be frustrating. Our goal with this guide is to provide clear explanations and steps to help you navigate these issues. You can refer to our article how to write quality job descriptions to avoid encountering these errors.

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