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Subscription and Payment Guide
Subscription and Payment Guide

This article is designed to help you understand how billing and payments work on PyjamaHR.

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Free Trial Period

Upon signing up for PyjamaHR, every company is granted a 14-day free trial period. This period allows you to explore and utilise the full range of features offered by PyjamaHR without any charges. We encourage you to make the most of this trial to see how PyjamaHR can meet your recruitment needs.

Subscription Plans

After the free trial period, to continue using PyjamaHR, you'll need to subscribe to our platform. Our billing model is based on the number of onboarded users, meaning only users who complete their account setup are considered billable.

Billable users

Onboarded users with the following access types are considered billable users:

  1. Super admin

  2. Admin

  3. Recruiter

  4. Hiring manager

Adding users in the middle of the subscription period

Should a new user be added during the middle of your subscription period, we automatically prorate and attempt to charge the credit card for the new user for the remaining subscription period.

For example: if your subscription is for 12 months and a user is onboarded one month after the subscription starts, we will charge for the remaining 11 months.

Failed Payments

In cases where an automatic payment attempt fails, the system will retry the payment three times over five days. During this period, users from your company may also manually complete the payment. Failure to make the payment within these five days will result in a temporary suspension of access to the platform for all users of the company. Access will be restored once the due date is cleared.

It's important to note that if your credit card requires 3D Secure (3DS) or similar authentication, automatic payment attempts will fail by default. In such cases, payment must be completed manually through the Subscription Management page.

Renewals and Added Users

Once payment is successfully made for users added mid-subscription, these users will be included in your subscription and billed along with all other users at the next subscription renewal.


What happens if a user does not complete the onboarding process?

Users who are invited but do not complete the onboarding process are not considered billable and will not be charged.

How do I update my billing information?

Billing information can be updated via the Subscription Management page within your PyjamaHR account settings.

What if I need to add or remove users after my subscription starts?

You can add or remove users at any time. Added users will be prorated and billed for the remainder of the current subscription period, while removed users will adjust your billing at the next renewal.

What happens if we exceed the 5-day grace period for payment?

Access to PyjamaHR will be temporarily blocked for all users from your company. Access will be restored immediately after the outstanding payment is made.

Will the guest users be billed?

No. We do not charge guest users. They will only be billed when their access type is changed from guest user to one of the billable access types, i.e., super admin, admin, recruiter or hiring manager.

For further assistance or if you have any questions not covered in this guide, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you navigate your PyjamaHR subscription and ensure your experience is as seamless and productive as possible.

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