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How to insert Placeholders
How to insert Placeholders
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What is a Placeholder ?

A placeholder in document templates is like a blank space that you leave for information like company name or candidate name which will be automatically filled while sending the template.

Imagine you have a template where you write your name, address, and phone number. Instead of writing your actual details on the form, you might see lines like "[[Candidate Name]]" or "[[Sender Name]]" – these are placeholders. While sending the draft to a candidate the details get replaced with your real information. It's like having a template ready and just filling in the blanks with the right information when you need it.

Inserting a Placeholder

With PjyamaHR you can insert different placeholders such as sender name , candidate name , job name and more. You can insert placeholders in emails and offer letters.

While editing an email you can simply pull the drop down box to enter a placeholder. You can also insert a placeholder by typing it inside a double square brackets “ [[ ___ ]] “. You can refer to the placeholder list for custom placeholders.

Click on this link Download Custom Placeholder List to download it.

You can click on that link shown in the image below and download the custom placeholder list.

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