Unpublishing a Job
Updated over a week ago

You can unpublish a job from certain job boards anytime after creating a job. Follow the steps below to Unpublish a Job :

Step 1 : On the Jobs Page, click on the three dots icon on the job you want to unpublish.

Step 2 : Select “Publish Job” from the drop down menu.

Step 3 : A window opens. Just click on “Unpublish” next to the job portal from where you want the job to be removed and your job will be removed from that job board.

Note : It takes up to 24 hours to Publish or to Unpublish a job on all platforms.

Alternatively if your hiring process is completed you can also close the job. While closing the job, it will automatically unpublish the job from all the job boards where the job was published.

To close a job refer to article : How can I close a job posting on PyjamaHR?

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