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Enabling Linkedin Apply connect with PyjamaHR
Enabling Linkedin Apply connect with PyjamaHR
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LinkedIn Apply Connect offers PyjamaHR clients a swift and insightful approach when posting job openings on LinkedIn. This integration includes an optional feature that activates 'Easy Apply' on LinkedIn, enabling job seekers(candidates) to directly apply to Jobs posted on PyjamaHR through LinkedIn.

Advantages of LinkedIn apply connect

LinkedIn Apply Connect includes various functionalities aimed at enhancing the integration between PyjamaHR and LinkedIn. The key benefits of this integration are:

  1. Post jobs on LinkedIn via PyjamaHR in real time with the new API integration in comparison to the 12hrs TAT with traditional XML integration

  2. Get the status of the job on Linkedin instantly and view the job posting on LinkedIn with the help of a job posting link

  3. Control the candidate drop-offs by allowing candidates to apply directly from Linkedin by enabling ‘Easy Apply’

  4. Take a quick look at the candidate's LinkedIn profile with in PyjamaHR ( only for customers with LinkedIn recruiter accounts)

To learn more about LinkedIn Apply Connect, please visit LinkedIn talent solutions or reach out to your LinkedIn representative

Setting up LinkedIn Apply connect integration

To set up apply connect on PyjamaHR go to settings>Integrations>LinkedIn

Click on “Connect” next to Linkedin. This will display details of the integration along with the link to “LinkedIn terms and conditions” for posting jobs.

Click on proceed with integration. It may ask you to log in to your recruiter account if you haven’t already.

Setting up Linkedln apply connect without a Recruiter account

You can still enable Linkedin apply connect for posting jobs and enabling “Easy Apply” to candidates without a LinkedIn Recruiter account. To enable, click on “Don’t have LinkedIn recruiter account” at the bottom of the screen as shown below

It will require you to submit your company LinkedIn URL. Instructions to find your company's Linkedln URL are shown on the screen. Copy and paste your company LinkedIn URL and click on “Save and Proceed” to complete your integration.

Setting up Linkedin apply connect with a Recruiter account

If you already have a LinkedIn recruiter account, sign in to your LinkedIn account
After successfully signing into LinkedIn Recruiter, you may be prompted to select which LinkedIn Recruiter contract you are using, if more than one contract is actively associated with your account. After selecting your Recruiter contract to use, you will see a list of the LinkedIn integration modules that are available to you based on your Recruiter contract type.

  • Click to enable ‘Apply Connect’

  • Choose whether or not you would like LinkedIn to send notifications back to applicants as they progress through your PyjamaHR pipeline (Applicant notifications)

Once clicked, you will see ‘Activated’ next to ‘Apply Connect’ after it has been successfully enabled on your LinkedIn contract:

Note: Applicant notifications and candidate LinkedIn profile widget are available for users with

LinkedIn Recruiter (corporate) plan only. If you are currently on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite plan, you need to upgrade your plan to see Applicant highlights (candidate LinkedIn profile) and to send Applicant notifications back to candidates automatically.

Managing your default preferences

After enabling your LinkedIn Apply connect integration with or without your LinkedIn recruiter account, you can configure your default settings/preferences by clicking on Manage.

Publish to LinkedIn by default: By enabling this, all the open jobs will be published to LinkedIn automatically in real time. You can enable/disable for individual jobs as well

Allow candidates to Easy Apply on jobs using LinkedIn: By enabling this, candidates will have the option to apply to your jobs with ‘Easy apply’ on LinkedIn. This will help in decreasing the drop offs which in return will increase the average no. of candidate applications per job posting.

Once you configure the setting, click on update integration to save your settings.

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