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Creating LinkedIn Page for your Company
Creating LinkedIn Page for your Company
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Creating a LinkedIn company page can enhance your brand visibility. It will also help us ensure the employment opportunities posted from your account are authentic.

To ensure a smooth setup, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have an active LinkedIn profile registered with your true first and last names.

  • Your profile's strength stands at or surpasses the "Intermediate" grade.

  • You've fostered multiple connections on your account.

  • Currently, LinkedIn imposes no restrictions on your profile.

Let's delve into the systematic process of setting up your company's LinkedIn page:

Step 1: Locating the LinkedIn Pages Section

  1. Initiate by logging into your individual LinkedIn profile.

  2. Click the "For Business" icon, situated in the top right corner of LinkedIn's main page.

  3. Scroll to the concluding section and opt for 'Create a Company Page'.

Step 2: Deciding on the Page Category:

Determine the category that mirrors your organization's size or purpose. Choices encompass:

  • Small Enterprise

  • Medium to extensive enterprise

  • Showcase page

  • Academic entity (relevant for educational institutions)

Step 3: Provide your Company's Details

  1. Input the official name of your business.

  2. Designate a preferred LinkedIn public URL for your page.

  3. Integrate your company's logo.

  4. Incorporate your firm's website URL.

  5. Add your company's sector, magnitude, and nature.

  6. Craft an influential tagline that encapsulates your company's mission.

  7. Check out LinkedIn's usage policies.

  8. Tick the validation box, asserting your authority to represent your enterprise on this platform.

  9. Conclude by clicking 'Create page'.

    For more specific queries or issues, it's always a good idea to check LinkedIn's official Help Center or get in touch with their support team.

    Once you have your company's LinkedIn page, use its URL to complete your onboarding process with PyjamaHR.

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