Candidate Assessments

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively utilize our Candidate Assessments.

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Assessments on PyjamaHR are designed to streamline the recruitment process. These are not your typical assessments; they are powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI-powered assessments are designed to evaluate a candidate's skills and abilities in a more precise and efficient manner than traditional assessments. They provide an unbiased and apt evaluation of a candidate, ensuring that you hire the most qualified individuals for your open positions, in record time!

Why Should You Use Assessments?

The benefits of using AI-powered assessments on PyjamaHR are manifold.Here are a few key reasons:

1. Efficiency: AI-powered assessments significantly reduce the time spent on screening and shortlisting candidates. They can quickly evaluate a candidate's skills and qualifications, freeing up valuable time for your HR team.

2. Accuracy: Our AI algorithms are designed to minimize human error. They provide a more accurate evaluation of a candidate's abilities, ensuring that the best candidates are shortlisted.

3. Advanced Proctoring: Proctoring or anti-cheating mechanisms cement the foundation of an excellent screening process. With multiple anti-cheating layers like disabled tab switching, full-screen mode, and full-time visual proctoring, you can ensure that candidates taking a test do not cheat.

4. Fairness: AI-powered assessments eliminate unconscious bias from the recruitment process. They ensure that all candidates are evaluated on the same criteria, promoting a fair and inclusive hiring process.

Types of assessments:

We offer two types of assessments to cater to diverse hiring needs:

1. Programming and MCQ Assessments

These assessments are tailored specifically for candidates applying for developer roles. They consist of both Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and programming questions that test candidates on a range of 100+ skills.

2. Case Study Assessments

Case study assessments are perfect for evaluating candidates who apply for job roles that do not require coding. These are designed to test skills such as communication, product strategy, and market research, among others.

Creating an Assessment

To create an assessment, click on "Create assessment" from the assessments section, as shown below:

Choose the type of assessment you want to create, select the skills you want to assess, define the difficulty level, and click on "Continue".

Once the assessment is created, you can customize it to your liking, adjusting the number of questions for each skill at a specific difficulty level, among other parameters.

Sending an Assessment to Candidates

You can send an assessment from the assessment overview page or the candidate pipeline page. Simply select the candidate, click on "Send assessment", select the assessment you want to send from the dropdown menu, and click on "Send".

You can also send it in bulk by selecting all the candidates and clicking on "Send Assessment" as shown below:

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