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Identify the resumes that best match your job requirements with the help of PyjamaHR Resume match.

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What is the Resume Match Feature?

PyjamaHR's Resume Match feature is your shortcut to finding the best candidates for your job openings. It scans resumes, compares them with your job requirements, and sorts candidates into high, medium, or low-match categories. It helps you save time and effort.

How Resume Match Works

  1. Work Experience: It checks if candidates have the required experience in the concerned job field.

  2. Skills: It verifies if candidates have the necessary skills outlined in your job description.

  3. Education: It confirms if candidates have the required educational background.

Using Resume Match

Find the Resume Match filter on the candidate pipeline page.

Choose to view high, medium, or low-match resumes based on your requirements.

The match level of each candidate is shown on their profile. Hover over the badge for a summary of why they're categorized as such.

To help us improve the matching algorithm, we have included a like and dislike button on the hover summary. Your feedback is crucial to us and helps us make the Resume Match feature more effective!


Resume Match is here to speed up your hiring process and help you find the best candidates faster. Need help?

Happy hiring!

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