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Creating custom folders in talent pool
Creating custom folders in talent pool
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Many times we come across candidates who possess great skills and experience, but they may not meet specific criteria such as immediate availability. In such cases, it would be beneficial for us to create a folder dedicated to saving these candidates' profiles, so we can revisit them when suitable opportunities arise.

Let us assume that you were hiring for the position of “Business Analyst” and R. Gopalakrishnan & K.Santhoshkumar were the two candidates whose profiles you liked but were not the immediate joiner. Now you want to save these profiles in a more hygienic manner so that you can gain access to these profiles when there is again a need to hire a Business Analyst for your organization.

This is how you can easily create custom folders in Talent Pool:
1. Click on the "Create New Folder" button in the top right corner.


2. A form will pop up, prompting you to fill in the folder name and description.


3. Fill in the relevant details and click “Create Folder”.The new folder will appear in the Talent Pool.


4. Navigate to the “Default folder” and select the candidates you wish to add to your new folder.


5. With the candidates selected, click the "Add to Folder" button and choose your newly created folder.


6. You can now view these candidates in your new folder within the Talent Pool.

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