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How to check which recruiter has added a particular candidate
How to check which recruiter has added a particular candidate
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Keeping track of which recruiter added a particular candidate can be a challenge when multiple recruiters are working on the same profile. However, there are a few ways to easily track this information.

One way to check which recruiter added a candidate is to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Jobs on your dashboard

  2. Select the active job that you want to view

  3. Click on the candidate's profile that you want to see

  4. Click on the Timeline tab

  5. Look for the entry that indicates when the candidate was added to the profile. This entry will typically show the name of the recruiter who added the candidate.


Create recruiter-specific stages

Another helpful strategy is to create stages specific to their names and move the candidates that they have imported into those stages. This approach will provide a lot of transparency about which recruiter has sourced which set of candidates. For example, if you have three recruiters working on a job, they can create three stages named after themselves, such as "John candidates," "Mary candidates," and "Bob candidates." Whenever a recruiter adds a candidate, they can move them into their designated stage. This way, it's easy to see which recruiter is responsible for which set of candidates.


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