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Schedule & Conduct Interviews
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Scheduling & conducting interviews online is the new normal. PyjamaHR has the right tools to make it easy for you.

With PyjamaHR’s smart schedule interview feature, you can schedule interviews between your candidates & hiring managers and sync these events directly with your calendar in one go. you can either share a fixed time slot with the candidate or allow the candidate to choose the interview time slot from the available time slots from the interviewer's calendar.

You can schedule interviews for your candidates from the candidates' profile page which you can access from the job candidate listing page. The same can also be done by clicking on Schedule new interview from the interviews screen.


Schedule an interview is a simple two-step process. Click on Schedule interview, select the interview time slot, interview type & interviewer from the drop-down, and click on Schedule & notify. Both the candidate & interviewer will be notified of the interview details via email. The interviewer can also access the candidate profile, application form resume & all the other details that are available through this mail.

For video interviews, you can choose the interview type as PyjamaHR video interview or Google Meet as per your choice. Note that, to use google meet, you are required to integrate your google calendar account with your PyjamaHR ATS account. You can do that from My profile> My integrations> calendar. To know more about it,


If the interviewer is not already part of your ATS system, you can simply type in the email id of the interviewer in the “select interviewer” column. This interviewer will have access to only the candidates for whom he/she is requested to conduct the interview.


You can access all the scheduled interviews from the Interviews tab. Interviews that are scheduled for the day can be accessed from my tasks. You will be able to join the interview from the ATS 10 min prior to the scheduled interview time.

Pro tip: Our in-house video interview platform makes it easy for the interviewer by allowing them to access the candidate's details & interact with the candidate in parallel like in the below screen. Interviewers can access the candidate's resume, application form and mark some quick comments & share it with the team while conducting the interview.


Happy hiring!

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