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Unable to parse & upload candidate resumes
Unable to parse & upload candidate resumes
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If you're experiencing issues with candidate data not parsing correctly, there could be a number of reasons why.
Parsing is the process of extracting information from a resume or CV, and if the data is not being extracted correctly, it can negatively impact your recruitment efforts. In this article, we'll explore some of the most common reasons why candidate data may not be parsed correctly and what you can do about it.


1. CVs without an email ID or broken email ID:

If a CV doesn't contain an email address, or if the email address is broken or illegible, this can cause problems with parsing. You can ask the candidate to share an updated resume, invite or add them manually.

2. CVs with gibberish words:

If a CV contains gibberish words or random characters, it can be difficult for a parsing tool to extract the relevant information. This can be particularly common with resumes that have been copied and pasted from random sources. One solution is to ask the candidate to provide a clean, unformatted version of their resume or to enter the information yourself manually.

3. CVs that are not in a supported format:

Parsing tools are designed to extract information from resumes that are in a standard format, such as PDF or Word (.pdf, .docx).


If a CV is in a non-standard format, such as a scanned image or a web page, it may not be able to be parsed correctly. One solution is to ask the candidate to provide a copy of their resume in a standard format, or to use a conversion tool to convert the document into a standard format.

4. Protected Documents (Resumes with password protection)

CVs that are document-protected can not be parsed by software. Document protection can prevent parsing software from accessing the information on the CV. Candidates should ensure that their CVs are not protected in any way.

5. Non-Standard Fonts

CVs that use non-standard fonts can also be challenging to parse. Parsing software is designed to recognize standard web-safe fonts such as Poppins, Arial, New Times Roman, etc. If a CV uses a non-standard font and is not easily convertible by the OCR, the parsing software may have difficulty recognizing the text.

6. Resumes with complex designs

Resumes with very complex and varied designs and structures might not be parsed accurately. This is common, especially for profiles like Graphic Design, UI UX Designer, etc.

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