Keyword Search
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Keyword search is a powerful tool used by recruiters and employers to filter and find the most suitable candidates for a job opening.
โ€‹The keyword search uses 'AND' logic to filter the candidates' resumes. This means that if two keywords are entered in the search bar, it will return resumes that contain both keywords.

Using Keyword Combinations:

To get the desired result, recruiters can use combinations of keywords. For instance, a recruiter can use a combination of 'IIT' and 'IIM' to find candidates who have graduated from these institutes. This will filter the resumes and display only those candidates who have mentioned BOTH 'IIT' and 'IIM' in their resumes.

Similarly, recruiters can use other combinations of keywords to filter resumes based on the candidate's current designation, skillsets, and location. For instance, a recruiter looking for a candidate with experience in sales can use a combination of 'sales' and 'prospecting' to find suitable candidates.

Tips for Effective Keyword Search:

  1. Use specific keywords: Using specific keywords will help in filtering out irrelevant resumes. Recruiters should avoid using general keywords and instead use specific keywords related to the job opening.

  2. Use combinations of keywords: Using combinations of keywords will help in narrowing down the search and finding the most suitable candidates. Recruiters can choose keywords from the drop-down with a few keystrokes or create a unique keyword.

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