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Share a Candidate Profile with Others
Share a Candidate Profile with Others
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Downloading and sharing candidates' resumes with hiring managers and interviewers and keeping track of comments and feedback is frustrating. Here is our solution to make this easy for you.

Sharing candidate profiles without downloading any resumes & collecting comments is made easy with this share feature.

To share a candidate’s profile :

Step 1: Go to the candidate profile card.

Step 2 : Click on the three dots icon.

Step 3 : A drop down menu will appear.

Step 4 : Select “Share Candidate Profile”.

Step 5 : The URL of the candidate is displayed. You can copy the link of this candidate and share it with the hiring managers & interviewers on Whatsapp or any other platform you wish to share.

When they open the link, they can check the candidate application form, resume, comments & attachments. They can also comment on the candidate profile.

Note : Ensure that the user has logged in to the platform and that this user has access to your company's ATS account. If they don’t, you can simply invite the user.

To invite click on this link Inviting Team Members to see how to do that.

Note : For data security, we will be hiding the CTC details of the candidate, expectations, and interview feedback. To access this, the people you shared the link with have to log in to their PyjamaHR account. They will get access to these details based on the user type of their account.

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