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Managing Candidate Duplicity
Managing Candidate Duplicity
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Duplicate candidates can be managed by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Add candidate profile

As a recruiter, when you add a candidate to PyjamaHR, our AI-based resume parser automatically analyzes the unique parameters (email ID and mobile number) to detect if the candidate already exists in the system.

Step 2: Alert of an existing profile

If the system detects a duplicate candidate profile, PyjamaHR will immediately alert you of the existing profile. This allows you to avoid creating duplicate profiles and saves you time.


Step 3: View the existing profile

You can view the existing profile by typing the candidate’s name in the search bar and looking up the candidate’s profile from an active job or from the Default Folder. To access Default Folder, click on the Talent Pool option and you should be able to view the Default Folder.

Step 4: Make changes to the existing profile

If the existing candidate profile needs to be updated, you can make the necessary changes by editing the Personal Information. For example, you can upload a new resume or change the email ID or phone number. You can view a candidate’s profile by accessing the Default Folder which is in the Talent Pool.

Step 5: Process for relevant jobs

Once you have made the changes to the existing profile, you can process the candidate for relevant jobs. This ensures that the candidate's profile is matched with the most appropriate job opportunities.

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