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Import Candidates via Excel
Import Candidates via Excel
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Once you created your job, the next thing you would want to do is to add candidates to your job.

You can find the options to import candidates from the drop-down menu of the job card or from within the job page and select “CSV/TSV/Excel import” as shown below.


If there are multiple sheets in the excel file, our platform will ask you to choose the sheet from which you want to upload the data.

The next step is to choose the data field names.

Pro tip: For easy upload, always name the data fields on the 1st column in the excel sheet.

Our platform auto-detects the names of all the fields that match the available fields.


If any of your fields are not matched automatically, you can always choose to match them manually like in the below screen.


In case there are any fields that are not required, you can ignore the data field by clicking ignore.

You can also create custom fields by typing in the name of the field like in the below screenshots.


Once the data is matched, our platform will show a preview. If there are any format errors in the candidate information, the platform will warn you. you can edit the information right from the preview screen.

Once you verify the entire data, you can click on Finish and the data upload is complete. You will be able to see the data in the candidate listing page of the job.

Note: Email ID is a mandatory field to upload candidates. In case email id is missing for some of the candidates, that candidates details will be excluded and the upload will go ahead with rest of the candidates information

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