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Importing Candidates from Job portals like Naukri
Importing Candidates from Job portals like Naukri
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Importing candidates across various job boards is now easy and faster with PyjamaHR’s Chrome extension.

PyjamaHR chrome extension allows users to directly source candidate(s) from various job portals, just with a click of a button.

Check out the PyjamaHR chrome extension from Google Chrome Store and log in to your PyjamaHR account to start importing candidates.

Note: The extension is also available for Microsoft Edge.

You can now import candidates from:

  1. Naukri (including Resdex)

  2. Linkedin & Recruiter Lite

  3. Wellfound ( Formerly AngelList)

  4. IIM jobs

  5. Hirist

**Note: You can only import a maximum of 50 candidates per day from Naukri Resdex.

Steps to Import candidates using PyjamaHR Chrome extension:

  1. Open the applied candidates’ page on any of the above-mentioned job portals

  2. Select the candidate you wish to import into your PyjamaHR ATS

  3. Click on ‘Add to PyjamaHR’ in the top right corner of the candidate profile

  4. Select the job or talent pool folder and click ‘Import

Bulk importing candidates

In addition to importing candidates individually, you can also add multiple candidates in one go for Naukri (not Resdex), LinkedIn (including Recruiter Lite), IIM Jobs, & Hirist.

To bulk import candidates from the portals mentioned above, follow these steps:

  • Selecting multiple candidates on the applied candidates’ page

  • Click on ‘Add to PyjamaHR’

  • Select the job or talent pool folder and click ‘Import’


  • Bulk-importing candidates will also import their resumes.

  • Candidates that have already been rejected in Naukri cannot be imported into PyjamaHR if they are present in the "Applied" tab. However, you can import these candidates from the "Rejected" tab.

  • Candidates cannot be imported from LinkedIn Recruiter & Recruiter Lite "Projects".

  • Please avoid switching your browser's tabs while attempting to import candidates for the data to be captured completely.

  • Based on the candidate’s email address, PyjamaHR will detect if there is a duplicate candidate profile and will notify you after the upload process is complete.

Accessing imported candidates:

All imported candidate(s) will be shown in the ‘Sourced’ pipeline/stage of their respective jobs. You can also filter the candidates by using the job’s board name in the ‘Source’ filter.

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