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Unable to Create a Job
Unable to Create a Job
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If you're unable to create a job in PyjamaHR, it is due to the Access Type of your account.

Only users with the Admin or Super Admin access level can create jobs in PyjamaHR. If you're unsure of your access level, you can check the same in Settings -> Team Members. You will see your Access Type on the top.


Guest Users

In case you have signed up on PyjamaHR without an invite from another Super Admin (your colleague), you will get a "Guest User" access.

Guest users have very limited access to actions or information on the platform. This includes Creating a job, Accessing candidates, checking other team mate's info, etc.

Once you complete your Profile setup, you have two options to change your access type:

  • Get in touch with your colleague with Super Admin access and get your access changed. You can request access through the top banner on Jobs Section/Dashboard.



  • If you can't get in touch with your team for internal reasons, reach out to us at [email protected] & we will help you out!

Hiring Manager/Interviewer/External Recruiter

If you have any of the above Access Types, you will not have the option to Create a new job.

Such users are added to a particular job for managing candidates, taking interviews and providing feedback, and sourcing candidates respectively.

In case this access type doesn't suit your role at your organization, you can ask the Super Admin to provide you "Super Admin" or "Admin" access type.

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