Manage Employee Referrals
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An Employee Referral is when someone who already works at a company suggests a friend or someone they know for a job opening. Employee referrals give high-quality candidates who are a cultural fit and have been vouched for by someone within the organization.

With the Employee Referral, you can refer candidates directly to your company’s open positions. Every company that uses PyjamaHR has a unique employee referral email id. Any resumes that are sent to this email ID will automatically be added to the Employee Referral folder that is available in the Talent pool. From here you can manage all the candidates that have been referred by the internal members of your organization.

To refer an Employee follow the following steps :

Locate the Employee Referral section in the settings page.

( Profile → Settings → Company Settings → Employee Referral )

You can send an email to your employees by clicking on “Send Email” . We provide a pre-defined email template. All you have to do is enter your company’s group email id, or email id(s) of the employees that you want to get references from and click on send.

Your employees can share the resumes by replying to this email. They can also share resumes by writing an email to you on the referral email shown on the “Employee Referral“ page.

Note: This is a unique email for every account that has logged in with PyjamaHR. This can be found in the "Employee Referral" under settings.

Accessing the referred candidates :

The referred employees which are sent to the email will automatically be displayed in the “Employee Referral” folder in the Talent Pool. From here you can add the referred candidates to the job they are suited for.


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