Understanding Access Types
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In PyjamaHR, there are different types of user access that determine what actions a user can perform within the system. This article will provide an overview of the six user access levels in PyjamaHR. By giving different team members an appropriate user access you can control the hiring process as per your needs.

  • Super Admin :

In PyjamaHR, the super admin is like the ultimate boss with the highest level of control. This user has superpowers, allowing them to do everything within the ATS. They can create and manage all user accounts, customize every setting, and access any piece of information. They can add, manage, and remove any team member. The super admin holds the keys to the entire system, making critical decisions about its structure and operation. This level of access is crucial for overseeing the entire HR platform, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the organization's needs. Super Admins have access to all available features. Note that, only a super admin can invite another super admin.

  • Admin (HR Manager) :

This access type is suitable for HR team members where there is more than one HR person in the team. Admin are like Super Admins but only for the job they are added to. They cannot add themselves to another job unless added by a Super Admin. They are like the boss of that particular job they are given access to. Admins cannot edit the job descriptions of other jobs they are not added into. However they have freedom to hire, reject, and perform all the other activities inside the job.

  • Recruiter :

This is the next level of user access in PyjamaHR. They have similar features like the Admin accessible to them. However an Admin can add/remove recruiters to a job according to their needs. This type of access is given to the particular HR who has been assigned to do the hiring for the job.

  • Hiring Manager :

It is important to know the feedback from the Department Head for which the hiring process is done. You can grant them this access type . Hiring managers can add, remove and move candidates. They can also reject or hire them. They can provide and see the feedback given to a particular candidate.

  • External Recruiter :

This access is suitable when working with an external consultant or an agency for hiring. They will have access to jobs only which they are added to and the candidates of those jobs. They can see the candidates added by them. They have access to the feedback only to the candidates they have added.

  • Interviewer :

The primary role of the interviewer is to take interviews. This user access type will have access to only those candidates for whom they are taking interviews & won't be able to see the feedback submitted by other team members. They can only provide feedback of the candidates they have interviewed.

Please refer to the below table for details of several event/action types :

1. At Candidate Level :

2. At Job Level :

control access of different user access at job level

3. At Team Level :

Control access for different user access type at team level

4. At Company Level :

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