Posting Jobs on LinkedIn
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LinkedIn is a powerful platform for reaching a large audience of job seekers, making it an important tool for recruiters. With PyjamaHR, you can easily post jobs on LinkedIn and reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

In this article, we'll show you how to post jobs on LinkedIn using PyjamaHR.

Connecting your account to LinkedIn

First you need to check if your company is integrated with LinkedIn. To check that, you will need to go to :

Profile โ†’ Settings โ†’ Company Settings โ†’ Integrations

Note : In case your LinkedIn account is not yet integrated , refer to this article: LinkedIn Integration

Publishing the Job on LinkedIn

There are two ways to publish a job on LinkedIn. First method is when you are creating a job. In the final stage of creating a job you will have the option to choose the platforms on which you want to publish the job. From here you can select LinkedIn.

Note : To understand the procedure of creating a Job read article : Create a Job

In PyjamaHR you can also choose to publish the job anytime after the creation of the job. To do this, go to the Job page > Select the three dots icon on the job > click on Publish. After clicking you will see theย  page where you can choose on which platform you want to publish the job. From here you can select publish on LinkedIn.

Note : An additional advantage of posting a Job on LinkedIn through PyjamaHR is that there is no monthly restriction on the number of free jobs that can be published.

Note : It takes up to 24 hours for the job to actually get published or be removed from LinkedIn.

Monitor Applications

Once you've posted the job on LinkedIn, you can view the candidates who apply for the job through LinkedIn in the "Applied" stage of the job.

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