Zoom Integration with PyjamaHR

Author: Pilli Madhu 90 views

Is your organization using Zoom to conduct all your video interviews? Is it difficult to shuffle between Zoom and the ATS to generate meeting links and scheduling interviews? The difficulty is over now. With PyjamaHR’s Zoom integration, you can generate meeting links & schedule interviews directly from your PyjamaHR account.

To integrate your Zoom account with your PyjamaHR account, login to your PyjamaHR account and go to Profile > Settings > Integrations > Zoom and click on integrate.

Read the instructions and click on Accept & integrate and follow the onscreen instructions on Zoom authentication page to complete the integration.

Scheduling interviews on Zoom
To schedule an interview on Zoom via your PyjamaHR account, select “Zoom” as the interview type from the drop down on schedule interview screen.
Select the interviewer(s)

Note that Zoom integration on PyjamaHR supports multiple interviewers. However, the scheduler can generate only one meeting link in a given time slot.

How to disconnect your Zoom account
To disconnect your Zoom account at anytime, go back to Profile > Settings > Integrations > Zoom and click on “Disconnect”.

Disclaimer: Zoom integration with PyjamaHR is available only for users in Asia/Kolkata timezone.