Manage Employee References

Author: Anoop Thiparala 230 views

Employee reference plays a crucial role in the recruitment of any company. Manage them with ease via PyjamaHR.

Every company that uses PyjamaHR has an employee referral email id. Any resumes that are sent to this email ID will automatically be added to the Employee reference folder that is available in the Talent pool.

You can access this email id from the navigation bar as shown in the below screen.

You can simply copy the email id and share it with anyone to get references.

You can also send an email to your employees by clicking on “Send Email” from the dropdown. We provide a pre-defined email template. All you have to do is enter your company’s group email id, or email id(s) of the employees that you want to get references from and click on send. Your employees can share the resumes by “reply all” on this email.

You can also access this email id from from the career page settings.