LinkedIn Integration

Author: Pilli Madhu 1891 views

Connect your LinkedIn company page to PyjamaHR to publish jobs directly on LinkedIn.

To do that, you need to enter your companies LinkedIn URL which contains your company ID in PyjamaHR: My profile> Integrations> LinkedIn

Locate your LinkedIn URL with company ID:
Sign in to LinkedIn and search for your company page. Open your company page & click on “see all xxx employees” on the top of the page like in the below screenshot.

The URL of the employee listing page contains your LinkedIn company ID like in the below screenshot.

Copy this URL & paste it in your PyjamaHR account under My profile > Integrations > LinkedIn > Enter URL and submit to connect your company LinkedIn page to your PyjamaHR account.

Note: Please ensure that you are entering the correct URL. Entering wrong URL might result in posting jobs else where.

For more details contact support.