Invite Team Members

Author: Pilli Madhu 403 views

Recruitment needs to be worked as a team. PyjamaHR made it easy to collaborate with your team members.

To invite team members click on your profile name on the top right corner & click on my profile. You will land on your profile settings page. You can manage your team members by clicking on Team members on the left hand panel. [ Profile> My Profile> Team Members]

The team members whom have signed up but are waiting for your approval to access the ATS will be shown on the top:Team members whom you have invited & accepted the invitation will be shown in team members list Team members whom you have sent an invitation but haven’t accepted will be shown below in pending invites list

To invite a new team member, you can click on “Invite new member” on the top right corner of the same screen.

There are 4 different accesses that you can choose to give to any team member. Each access type can be given to multiple users including super admin.

A super admin has the ultimate access. They can add, manage, and remove any team member. Note that, only a super admin can invite another super admin.

An admin or regular user access is the 2nd level access. This access is suitable for HR team members who create and manage job openings. An admin can do almost everything a super admin can do, except for inviting super admins and accessing candidate feedbacks & offer letters of job openings for which they are not added as hiring managers. They still will be able to see the candidates & manage those candidates.

Recruiters have limited access. They can only access those jobs for which they are invited. It is suitable for the team leaders or department heads for whom you are hiring.

Interviewer – Then name itself suggests that it is to be given to the person who is only involved in the hiring process to take an interview. This access type is best suitableTeam members of the Recruiting manager, who take the initial screening interviews. They get access to only those candidates for whom they are requested to take the interview. You can also invite an interviewer from schedule interview screen.