Import Candidates via Resume (PDF/DOC)

Author: Pilli Madhu 384 views

Once you created your job, the next thing you would want to do is to add candidates to your job. You can find the options to import candidates from the drop down menu of job card or from with in the job page and choose “Resume pdf/Doc import” as shown below.

You can click on upload documents or simply drag and drop the pdf resume files in the upload screen. You can choose the source of the candidates on the top drop down menu on the upload screen. We have already pre defined some obvious sources, however, you can choose to type in your own source name if required. This source can later be used to filter the candidates from the filters menu on the left side of the job’s candidate listing page.

Once you select the source, you can click on upload and our resume parsing algorithm starts fetching data in the backend. This might take some time to upload, depending on number of resumes that you are uploading. You can still continue with your work while the upload happens at then backend. You will be notified once the upload is completed. If at all any files are in corrupted format, the algorithm will exclude those candidates and continue with uploading other candidates. You will be able to access the corrupted files information by clicking on the notification that you receive after the upload completes.