Google Meet for Interviews

Author: Pilli Madhu 341 views

You can schedule your interviews on Google Meet directly though PyjamaHR if you have synced your Google Calendar. While scheduling an interview, simply select “Google Meet” in Interview type as shown in the below screen.

A Google Meet link will get auto generated and will be added to the email that is sent to the candidate and the interviewer. It also creates an event on both the candidate’s and the interviewer’s Google Calendar automatically.

Interviewers can also find the interview details on their PyjamaHR account under interviews.

[Screenshot of interviews page with join interview CTA]

Interviewers can join the interview by clicking on “Join” as shown in the above screen.

Note: Only the interviews that are scheduled after syncing your Google Calendar with your ATS will be visible in PyjamaHR. Sync your Google Calendar.