Create First Job

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Creating a job is the most important use case for you to start using an ATS platform. So let’s get you started with it.

In order to create a job, all you need to do is open the jobs section from the top left menu and click on “+ Add new Job” on the left side panel.

Now, creating job consists of 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Job Description

Here, you can fill all your job details like Job Title, Department, Location, Job Description, CTC being offered etc.

If you already have a JD in a document or PDF file, you can simply import the file by clicking on import doc. You can choose to import it from your google drive account, dropbox account or directly from your devices hard drive.

PyjamaHR also provides pre defined Job descriptions to its users to make the life easier. You can choose one by clicking on “Select template” and edit the details if required.

Step 2: Creating job Application form

The second step of creating a job is to set up the application form. Here, you can define the application form which a candidate have to fill in order to apply to a job.

On the right side, you have all the basic fields like the candidates name, contact information etc selected by default & on the left hand side, you have the option to choose which data has to be made mandatory or optional or exclude from an application form. 

you can also choose to add custom screening questions by clicking on “+ Add new question” as highlighted in the below screen. This could be a mandatory field that a candidate has to submit or could be made optional, as per your choice. You also get to choose the kind of response, which is a multiple choice, or a file that you want the candidate to upload like a cover letter or something or could be a simple descriptive answer, as per your requirement.

Once you define your application form, you can click on publish job, which will take you to the 3rd and final step of job creation

Step 3: Setting up Job pipeline

Different jobs require different recruitment processes. PyjamaHR wants its users to be comfortable enough to track these individually.

The job pipeline consists of default pipelines like Sourced, Applied, Contacted, interviewed Hired & Rejected, which are usually part of all recruitment processes. However, if you want to add more steps or interview rounds to the job process, all you have to do is hover your mouse over these steps and click on “+” as show in the below screen. You can name the round and save it. 

Not sure of how many stages you need? We got that covered for you too. You can always edit the job and add more steps anytime after the job is created as well. To do so, you can click on Jobs from top menu and click on the menu icon on the Job card for which you want to edit the job process as show in the below screen.

Once you set your pipeline stages, click on finish and confirm your job creating by clicking on proceed. 

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