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This guide provides an in-depth look at how to use AI Interviews to streamline your hiring process.

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The AI Interview feature in PyjamaHR revolutionises the initial screening process of recruitment by utilising artificial intelligence to conduct interviews and generate comprehensive candidate reports.

How AI Interviews Work

Adding AI Interview Screening Criteria:

When creating a job, you will have an additional option to add AI interview screening criteria on the finish-up page.

Enter a detailed screening requirement in the provided text box field as shown below. This will guide the AI in formulating relevant questions for the candidate.

Sending AI Interview Links:

Navigate to the job candidate profile and click on "Send AI Interview."

Set up an optional expiry date and time for the interview link. Confirm to send the interview link to the candidate via email.

Note: If an expiry date is set, the candidate must complete the interview before the set time, or the link will expire. Note that setting an expiry date is not mandatory.

AI Interview Process:

The AI will analyse the job description and screening criteria to ask the candidate conversational questions similar to those posed by a human recruiter.

Based on the candidate's responses, the AI will ask follow-up questions or delve deeper into certain topics.


Once the interview is completed, a detailed analysis of the candidate will be available in a report on their profile under the "AI Interviews" tab.

This report includes an overall score indicating the candidate's fit for the job role.

It also generates specific scores for communication, candidates fit for the role, aggregated score of candidates knowledge on the skills required to get the job done, leadership qualities and lot more.

Filtering Candidates:

Use the AI interview score filter to shortlist candidates based on their overall scores from the AI interview reports.

Pricing and Purchase Flow


The cost of one AI interview is Rs.49/-

Purchasing AI Interview Credits:

Go to the "Upgrades" page and scroll down to the AI interview section.

Select the volume of credits you wish to purchase and click on "Buy Now."

Enter your credit card details and complete the payment.

Purchased AI interview credits will be automatically added to your account.

You can monitor your credit usage in the "Plans and Usage" page in the settings.

Credit Usage:

One AI interview consumes one AI interview credit.

Setting an expiry date for the interview link will automatically reimburse the credit to your account if the candidate does not take the interview before the link expires.

Pro Tips for Using AI Interviews

Pro tip: Setting an expiry date ensures that unused interview links do not waste credits, as they will be automatically reimbursed if not used within the set timeframe.

Improving Screening Quality:

Providing detailed and specific screening criteria helps the AI to generate more relevant and insightful questions, improving the quality of candidate assessments.

By leveraging the AI Interview feature in PyjamaHR, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process, ensuring you find the best candidates for your job roles with minimal effort. For any additional support or queries, feel free to contact our customer service team.

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